I want to thank you all for stopping by and reading my blog. I am not entirely sure where exactly this project is going to go, but I do have some ideas for starters: I hope to share some of the great stories and lessons I have learned over the years with the world wide web. I have always found the concept of a blog interesting, and I love reading the blogs of others, as well. But why did I choose to start a blog now?

     During my last Board of Trustees meeting at Marist College, I was sitting with my normal “pre-meeting” crew, which included Justin Butwell (Director of Physical Plant), Sean Kaylor (Vice President of Enrollment) and Connie McCaffrey (Director of Housekeeping). We were talking for over an hour and laughing hysterically as usual. We started to talk and reminisce about the past year, and how crazy the last two semesters of my college career have been. Connie, who has been a dedicated employee of Marist College for the past 32 years, said that I should really start writing everything down so I would never forgot some of the stories I have heard and lessons I have learned over the course of the last year. She was kind enough to get me a journal for my graduation so I could remember everything years from now. I started writing some things in it, and I said to myself, “geez, I wish I could share some of these awesome stories with other people.” Then it hit me: start a blog, and here I am today!

     For a quick disclaimer, I do not know how often I am going to update this blog. I am hoping to post bi-weekly, although we all know how life sometime gets in the way of planning.  (More on that topic in a future blog post.)

     One last thing- you might be wondering why I chose to name this blog Don’t Pump the Brakes. Now, some people out there probably already know exactly what this title refers to, but I really want everyone else to figure it out. I think it is pretty straightforward, but there is a great story behind the title that I will share at some point down the line.

     I have a lot more to share with you all, but I did not want my first blog post to be too long. As my friend Tim Massie would say, you should always leave your audience wanting more…